It’s still fairly early in this new year, but I’m already noticing a lack of kindness and civility towards one another. Maybe its naivete, maybe blind optimism, but each year it seems like the Christmas season serves as a reset on how we interact with our fellow man. It’s the reason I love Christmas! In fact, it can be encapsulated in this line from the carol, “O Holy Night”:

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

I am that “weary world” in my soul by the time November rolls around! I work as a firefighter and have regularly seen the consequences of bad decisions, poor health, violence, abuse and just plain bad luck. It can leave me mentally exhausted and “weary.” Yet, with the hope that Christmas brings in the reminder that a Savior came to Earth, there is that thrill of hope. It feels like seeing the sun rising in the east after a long dark night! In a slightly different vein, even the band, Journey, mentions it in the song, “Only the Young” – “In the shadows of a golden age, a generation waits for dawn!”

This year, by the time we’d reached only the second week in January, I saw someone giving another driver the bird because they weren’t driving fast enough. Now it seems like every week, I see or hear vehicles tailgating, honking, or exhibiting signs of anger. In the grocery store, I hear the rude comments about how long the lines are and heavy sighs from the people already in the queue when someone is struggling to get their credit card to work. We have become a weary world again in a matter of days.

Be kind to each other! Remember that when the car in front of you doesn’t accelerate in the split second the light turns green that at least once in your life you’ve been caught napping at a light, too. Recognize the person taking a little longer to accomplish a task may be having an extremely rough day in so many other ways. Be kind, people! Be nice! And, remember that we’re all loved by a God that could easily show some justifiable anger towards us. Follow the simple rules He set out – love Him and love others. It isn’t any more difficult than that!

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Now go be patient! And, try playing some Christmas music!