Allegedly, the Saxons called this time of year Solmōnaþ or Solmonath, the exact meaning of which is still in question. The only reason I’m even mentioning this is because I read that it meant “cake month” since those party lovin’ Saxons offered cakes to their gods during what we now call February.  I began this paragraph with “allegedly” because I obtained much of this information from Wikipedia, which, as any teacher worth their salt will tell you, is a lousy site to get reliable information! So, take it with a grain of salt, or better yet, a slice of delicious German chocolate cake!

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of February because:

  • The final seconds of the Super Bowl signal the end of the holiday season.
  • I have another daughter now so my cost index around Valentine’s Day just skyrocketed!
  • Since March contains both my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, I start to feel a little pressure to get the gift thing right.

                              But there ARE some great things about this month! The official flower of February is the primrose (I would have bet large amounts of money it was the rose, but that’s why I don’t play bar trivia…), which after looking it up, I now realize is a gorgeous flower!

The birthstone is the amethyst, a beautiful purple gem, which, coincidentally, is our main color theme since we began Jomac Oils with lavender essential oils!

To help celebrate this month, why not skip the tired, cliché gifts of chocolates and flowers and instead try some essential oils? Do something unique that says, “I love you and I want you to be healthy in an all-natural, traditional way!” Our Peaceful Blend is on sale through February 14th for only $27! You get the combined power of lavender and ylang ylang! Not only are they two of the most potent calming and anxiety-ridding plants in the world, but both are well-known, frequently used aphrodisiacs! Also included in this blend is the powerful healing oil, frankincense!

Let us help make your Valentine’s month extraordinarily relaxing, powerfully sensual, or a combination of both! Order anytime online at or simply call (623) 349-3497. And go have some cake!