Aphrodisiacs. It’s difficult to write about these things without accidentally, or purposefully, diving into the carnal side of romance, more so during the Valentine’s Day advertising sprees! Daily, I hear radio ads for pajama-grams, sexy lingerie, chocolate-dipped fruits to “put her in the mood” and now that I’m paying attention to all of it, a steady stream of commercials hawking pills to cure erectile dysfunction, size problems and low sex drive. It’s nothing new. The snake oils they peddled in the 1800’s promised some of the same things!

So, why would essential oils be any different than all these modern products? Listen, I’m not going to tell you that if you rub Jomac’s Peaceful Blend on you or your partner that within minutes you’ll be entwined in the throes of passion (Great romance novel line, eh?). But let’s be honest on what really kills romance. It’s the steady stresses and grind of the day. It’s the routine of dinner, homework, and bath times. I love family life – I really do! – but, without a purposeful movement to do something to recognize your spouse’s attractiveness and importance to you, romance won’t happen. An action as simple as massaging a few drops of Peaceful Blend into your partner’s neck at the end of the day can open doors.

The oils are proven to work to ease tension and let you relax. And, isn’t that what we really want from a romance? To feel safe and calm?