Here’s another Lent blog for you, dear readers! With tongue in cheek, here is another idea for something to give up, not just for Lent, but for the rest of your life!

Bad oils and bad oil companies!

Recently on Facebook I saw a post that said, “Remember…. if you get enrolled with [NAME OF BIG ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY] tonight you will get a free oil from me! Let’s do this!” When Joan first learned about essential oils she investigated the two big international companies. She researched their products, liked what she saw at [NAME OF BIG ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY] and became a consultant for them. It was the same multi-level marketing design as most businesses, sell a certain amount of product and you’ll get your products free. Smug in our emplacement of a healthier lifestyle, we signed up, tried the products and began reaching out to friends and relatives to sell the oils. Immediately we ran into some problems.

First, we tried a recommended menu of oils to use in a choreographed massage sequence. It felt great, but neither of us slept that night. And, not for the right reasons! Joan investigated why the “soothing oils” gave us insomnia and found that the recommended amounts from [NAME OF BIG ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY] were way too much. It caused a paradoxical reaction. And, the more she researched the oils we were using, the more we found the instructions for their use were wrong, vague or just missing.

Our second issue arose when she really began selling the oils. Over the course of two parties, she sold an amazing amount of product for the company, more than $1,000 in two days. And, she earned… nothing. Joan sells oils because she truly wants to help people. But, when we first agreed to become agents for [NAME OF BIG ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY], it was with the idea of perhaps making a supplemental income.

Those two things, and a successful entrepreneur niece (Thanks, Jessica!), convinced us that we could be more successful on all counts if we simply began our own business. And, she did with Jomac Oils, LLC! But only after she thoroughly tested and tried all types of oils from locations around the globe. I spent many a night sniffing lavender from various locations, trying to determine which smelled the best, rubbing a few drops on our neck before bed to see which actually helped us sleep or calmed the kids. And, we did the same for all the oils she orders. Custom Jomac blends are generally requested by customers and developed by Joan. She’ll give the first batch to the customer to ensure the blend truly works and only when we’re sure does she begin to name and market it.

There are no memberships, enrollments or minimum monthly purchases. Buy what you need when you need it. And there are no diluted oils! Everything is absolutely pure and flown in from the country where they grow the best. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you, return it for a full refund! The choice is obvious! Give up the big, bad conglomerate; go with Jomac Oils for what you want and need!