Here’s a minefield subject for a blog – religion! (Our media consultant is cringing right now!) Let’s discuss Lent, although, in its current incarnation I would hardly call Lent a religious subject. For some it only signifies an opportunity to party on Fat Tuesday and confess to all the previous evenings sins on Ash Wednesday. For many it is an occasion to rejuvenate the New Year’s resolution to lose weight by giving up something fattening for 40 days, a final, desperate kick start before swimsuit season arrives! Summer officially begins on June 21st which [INSERT PANIC HERE] is only 101 days hence! Actually, here in Phoenix, it seems as if it began several days ago; the highs have been near 90 degrees all week so I think we can break out the shorts!

But, for some the Lenten season is truly a time to reconnect with God and recognize some of the focus that should be on building, or rebuilding, a relationship with Him that has been hijacked by a myriad of other things. For some, it is food or sweets but for many in today’s world, the best thing to give up would be the one thing that eats up your free time. For me, social media eats up entirely too much time. I begin scrolling through the Facebook feeds and 45 minutes later the lawns still haven’t been mowed. We are already well into Lent but allow me to suggest that it’s not too late to give up something and refocus your life. Identify and give up that one thing that diverts precious time from family, friends or projects. Then when you feel an urge to embrace that time-killer, use the time to pray. That’s the point of fasting from something, whether for an hour, a day or for Lent. It isn’t to make you miserable. God doesn’t want that for us; He does want a relationship with you.

And if you still need ideas, check out the picture below. I’d love to give credit for the author of this meme, but I couldn’t find that information. Whoever you are, thank you!  

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