Clary sage

Our slogan says why we truly believe in essential oils, “Ageless healing oils for a modern world.” Essential oils have stood the test of time. Yet, I love modern conveniences! I enjoy the romantic notion of saddling up a horse to go to work on beautiful spring days, but I appreciate even more the joy of ice-cold A/C in an enclosed vehicle when it’s 120 degrees in Phoenix! I don’t hold the same appreciation for modern medicine, though. The procedures and skills are near-miraculous but often the medical community finds itself looking to nature to provide a solution for an illness or injury. We are still discovering (re-discovering?) plants from the rain forest with the potential to cure cancers and extracts from animals that treat incurable illnesses. Essential oils are no different.

Ancient civilizations used some of these same oils to give their libidos a bit of a lift now and then. Today, we better understand how the oils act on pituitary glands and why the essential oils interact with some hormones, but the understanding doesn’t change the fact that they work. The website, Aromatherapy at Home, discusses in greater detail the effects of some essential oils on pleasure and longing.

Ylang Ylang

In particular, check out the information on two of the oils that we blend into Jomac Oils Peaceful Blend, clary sage and ylang ylang. Both are said to increase sensuality and desire! Order now to try it out for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year!