Here is something that is absolutely unique to Jomac Oils, LLC – if you contact Joan about a specific issue you or a loved one is dealing with, she can design a blend that can help! That is how Peaceful Blend came to be!

Not so long ago, the wife of a co-worker approached Joan and began a conversation about fostering. We have been foster parents for several years and the woman she was speaking with had recently become aware of a family that was fostering a newborn. She inquired if we had any oils to help calm babies that are born addicted to drugs. I don’t know how familiar you, dear reader, may be with the signs and symptoms of infants born to mothers using drugs or alcohol, but it is brutal on the newborn. They come into the world almost immediately dealing with the effects of withdrawal from whatever substance has been passed through the mother. All the signs and symptoms you may have seen on television or in real life when an addict is trying to kick a habit are the same things the infant is dealing with – diarrhea, seizures, pain, insomnia, jitters. And, while an adult can reason through some of it, or recognize this is the price to pay to get clean, the baby knows none of that. Joan went to work designing an essential oil blend that was packed with calming oils and gentle enough to place on a newborn’s sensitive skin. What came out was Peaceful Blend. According to the mother it was designed for, it has worked fantastically! And, it works for anyone who needs something to deal with anxiety or stress. I’ve used it several times and a short time later realized just how leveled off I had become.

And, guess what! We are giving away a bottle of Peaceful Blend this month! All that is required for an opportunity to win is to join our mailing list, either at our website, or visit Joan at any of her markets and sign up there! Easy! Or, simply buy one now! It’s only $25 and if you are a Public Safety member, active or retired military, a foster parent, or a family member of any of these groups, you always get 10% off! Get some and relax today!