You’ve all heard the saying, “The plumber’s sinks always leak.” No? How about, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Haven’t heard that one either? This is becoming difficult! One final try – “The essential oil lady’s husband didn’t use the oils.” That one is popular! And, sadly for me, too often true. Fortunately, I have a fantastic wife, and the owner of Jomac Oils, to remind me to live a healthier life! Like many others, I grew up having heard nothing about essential oils but I’m constantly being educated on uses for them! Here are two for Jomac’s Peppermint Oil.

I get motion sick very easily. If you saw a middle-aged guy vomiting in the trash can at Disneyland after riding the Tower of Terror, that was me. (Sorry you and your kids had to see that!) If I had taken one drop of this pure peppermint oil under my tongue before being scared witless, I would have walked off with pride! Now I know!

(That is not me in the picture. It is a New Year’s resolution to get there, though!)

For my job, I need to remain fit. And, occasionally I indulge a little too hard on the sweet stuff! Then, in a vicious cycle of self-recrimination, I work out too hard and end up limping and groaning through the next day or two. A few drops of peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil (try the fractionated coconut oil!) and spread across the sore areas does wonders! And I avoid the giveaway BENGAY® smell to let everyone know I’m not 25 anymore!

There are so many other uses to this oil and you can find them all on this web page! Try some this month! You’ll be the healthiest non-vomiting, non-wincing person on the block!