Have you ever heard or seen such a great idea that you’re driven to share it? I see self-help feeds and tips on my Facebook all the time, but this one jumped out at me  – How to Hang a Picture Using a Fork – because I know whenever I attempt to hang a photo or some type of art on the wall, I’ll spend the last bits of my time, patience, and good nature on the last step of struggling to guide a wire onto a small nail head jutting from the wall. Now I can’t wait to hang a new something on the wall!

Here’s another great tip that was passed on to Joan from a happy customer – put one drop of peppermint oil on your toothpaste when you brush your teeth. I gave it a shot and, wow! It’s like combining your teeth cleaning and mouthwash into one step! And, it cleared up a bit of a stuffy nose, too! There will be a bottle of Jomac Oils Peppermint essential oil in our bathroom vanity from here on out! Try it!