Valentine’s Day is not a big day for us. Joan is very clear about what she wants on this day – chocolate. Lots of chocolate! And, I accommodate that request, not just because I love her, but because I benefit from having chocolate in the house, too! But, what I despise are the Valentine’s Day and Christmas ads that show those impossibly rich, good-looking partners giving just the right gift –  a new car with a giant, red bow in the driveway. And, a perfect puppy in the back seat with a 3-carat diamond ring attached to the collar. And, 17 dozen roses scattered around the plethora of gifts. Inside I’m screaming at the actors, “You’re setting unreal expectations! You’re ruining it for all of us!” So, as a rebuttal to all those over-the-top commercials, here are a few gift tips, not just for Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year!

First, is this post from Jomac Oils –Hey guys…before you head to the store for flowers and chocolates we thought we’d let you know that what women really want are pure Jomac Oils essential oils. Trust us…and thank us later 😉 Try this month’s special – Peaceful Blend!


Here was an appetizer from my Dad to my Mom, a simple and delicious, heart caprese salad! Nicely done, Dad!

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant, just from the heart! Keep on showing love to those around you all year long!