G’day, mates! It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use the simple acronym, TYDRFHSGC! (Still need to work on that…) Our region today is Australia! It’s a country and a continent! Overachievers, those Aussies!

There are several things I would love to see when, and if, we travel there – the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House; and, though Australians tend to view them as more annoying than cuddly, some authentic Australian animals like kangaroos and koalas! Of course, I’ve also seen plenty of articles on the web making the argument that Australia is an island of death, particularly because of the animals. Giant great white sharks swimming off the coast, enormous boas suffocating a bat; it’s the stuff of nightmares! But, who are we to talk in Arizona. I just watched a video of a bobcat fighting a rattlesnake in a Scottsdale neighborhood! Anyway, in order for you to crush the competition in the next game of trivia at the local pub, here are the top deadliest animals in Australia as ranked by Australian Geographic:

  1. Inland taipan (World’s most venomous snake!)
  2. Geographer cone snail (Yes, a poisonous snail!)
  3. Box jellyfish (One of the most venomous marine creatures known!)
  4. Eastern brown snake (World’s second most venomous land snake!)
  5. Yellow-bellied sea snake
  6. Coastal taipan (World’s third most venomous land snake!)
  7. Mainland tiger snake (Another venomous snake!)
  8. Sydney funnel web spider (World’s deadliest spider!)
  9. Beaked sea snake
  10. Blue-ringed octopus


Here’s the good news – just a few drops of Lavender and Immunity placed on the bite site will cure envenomation from any of these animals. (Just kidding! Please don’t try this. You will die! Go to a hospital!) But, in all honesty, we do get two of our key oils from this dangerous, beautiful land – melaleuca and eucalyptus (Koalas are not included. I already asked.)

Melalueca is an excellent antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial. Use it as a stand alone oil for any fungal infections or skin conditions, like acne.

Eucalyptus oil is fantastic for breathing issues, pain, and great to diffuse if you’re feeling a little run down. We sell it as a stand alone oil and also add it to our Immunity blend. Diffuse it in any room or add a few drops to the bottom of your feet each morning to keep yourself healthy!

A quick reminder – eucalyptus should NOT be used for infants or by people with compromised respiratory systems (i.e. emphysema, asthma, COPD).