Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Egypt!

It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use the simple acronym, TYDRFHSGC! (Need to work on that…) Our region today is Egypt!


Funny story about Egypt… about a year ago, I was helping Joan at a farmers market when a woman approached me, obviously skeptical about our products and their purity and quality.

Skeptical Lady (SL): “Where does your frankincense come from?”

Me: “Egypt!” (Glad that I was cognizant enough to pull an answer out for a midday pop quiz!)

SL: “Real frankincense only comes from Africa.”

Me: “Um, Egypt is in Africa.” (I can’t lie, I questioned myself for a minute, but I could see the map in my head and soon regained my confidence!)

SL: “No, it’s not.”

Me: (Laughing) “It is! It’s right there in the upper corner.” (As I drew the rounded northeastern corner of Africa in the air, moving to the right to demonstrate just where it lay.)

SL: (Turns and walks away.)

I like to picture her at home, spinning a globe and cursing under her breath at my superior geographic abilities and probably, my questionable genealogy. But anyway…Egypt! We all know the obvious things this ancient country is known for – the Nile, pyramids, mummies, camels, Cleopatra. Here are a few, lesser known facts to awe easily impressed people at the next cocktail party. (Does anyone still use the term, “cocktail party?”)

  • Egypt has one of the longest histories of any nation. It came into being about 3200 B.C. King Menes (also called Narmer) united the cities of northern and southern Egypt under one government. During his time, the giant statue known as the Sphinx was built. It appears part human and part beast and has fascinated travelers for centuries.
  • Egypt is just over half the size of Alaska.
  • Most Egyptians currently live on about $2 a day.
  • Egypt’s main exports are oil, petroleum products and cotton.
  • The current world average life expectancy is 67 years. In Egypt, the average life expectancy is 69 for men and 73 for women.

Now get out there and be knowledgeable! And, try some Levae’s Blend! You’ll love it!


All facts are taken from the website,

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