It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use the simple acronym, TYDRFHSGC! (Need to work on that…)

Our region today is Madagascar! I didn’t choose this country simply because I love the Disney films – but, I really do! – one of the key ingredients in our Jomac Oils Peaceful Blend is ylang ylang which we have shipped to our home from Madagascar. So, get that annoying song out of your head, (“I like to move it, move it!”), and let’s learn a little something!

Madagascar is an island country off the eastern coast of Africa.

There are over 100 species of lemurs living on the island.

Madagascar was a sovereign country, ruled by Queen Ranavalona III, until the French decided the island belonged to them in 1897.

The cornerstone of the island diet is rice.

Besides ylang ylang, Madagascar is home to several other medicinal plants used to treat various types of cancer.

Now, get to the coffee shop and impress people with your extensive knowledge, you savvy world traveler!

And, buy some Jomac Oils Peaceful Blend!