Essential Oils Uses

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits for users. You can find thousands of essential oils uses. There are...

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Allegedly, the Saxons called this time of year Solmōnaþ or Solmonath, the exact meaning of which is still in question....

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Earlier this month, several of us attended the funeral of a friend and police department Commander who died unexpectedly from...

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Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Australia!

G'day, mates! It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use...

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Be nice!

It’s still fairly early in this new year, but I’m already noticing a lack of kindness and civility towards one...

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Happy Helmikuu!

If you watch television, listen to the radio, or go online anytime during the month of February, you can easily...

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Healing baths!

Before we delve too far into this particular blog, I need to remind you, the gentle reader, these thoughts and...

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Good v. Not as Good

Here’s another Lent blog for you, dear readers! With tongue in cheek, here is another idea for something to give...

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Peaceful Blend

Here is something that is absolutely unique to Jomac Oils, LLC – if you contact Joan about a specific issue...

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Real Food

Even with Valentine's Day over for another year, February is still a great time to discuss love, relationships and sugar....

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