Our goal is to provide 100% pure, essential oils at the most affordable prices to anyone and everyone that wants to benefit from the healing powers of using essential oils in their day to day lives. The purity of our oils have the potency to help heal your physical and emotional needs. We have compiled the oils that we, through years of personal experience and research, have found to be the most beneficial for the widest range of health needs. Our essential oils are purchased from all over the world, and every bottle we sell has been bottled, packaged, and shipped by myself or my husband. We are devoted to quality and customer satisfaction. We are here to help others, as we have been helped. I, also, make custom blends for specific needs…please check out our blends and contact me if you don’t see what you are looking for.

In this day and age, one has anything and everything they want at their fingertips…and the sheer number of choices they have can be quite overwhelming at times. We hope that you’ll choose us for your essential oil needs and questions as your health isn’t something that deserves anything less than the best…and that’s us. This is what I do for “work” and provide in the world. It truly doesn’t occur like work when it’s what you’re passionate about.

Now that you have a sense of who we are, I’d like to point out some differences between JOMAC Oils and other essential oil companies.

What WE DON’T DO and who WE ARE NOT is:

-an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing business)
-require customers to have memberships
-require customers to make a minimum monthly purchase to retain their great prices
-ask our customers to sell our products to their friends and family to get “better pricing”
-working this as a “side business” for “extra money.”

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