Cortisol Buster Essential Oil Blend


JOMAC Oil that is a very unique blend of three calming, pure essential oils from all parts of the world including Lavender (France), Rose (China), and Vanilla (Mexico) measured perfectly for the desired calming effect.

The bonus from this wonderful blend is that it helps relieve the overload of cortisol that stress causes your body to manufacture. Cortisol is a steroidal hormone produced by the adrenal system. It is a normally occurring substance, but lengthy bouts of high level stress can cause an overabundance of cortisol. It is that overabundance that is unhealthy, producing unwanted side-effects such as low blood sugar and weight gain. The second bonus is the magnificent fragrance of the beautifully matched ingredients.


Click here for a FREE PDF download on our Cortisol Buster Essential Oil Blend from the JOMAC Oils ebook.

Additional information

10 ml roller bottle

Massage on wrists, pulse points, back of neck, feet, or anywhere. You may also diffuse into the air with a diffuser. Another great way is to just roll onto the palms of your hands and take a big whiff with hands cuffed over your nose!


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