Hormonal Balance Essential Oil Blend

Hormonal Balance Essential Oil Blend


JOMAC Oil that is a very unique blend of four soothing, pure essential oils from all over the world that relieve hormonal symptoms due to menstrual, pms, and menopausal issues. Includes Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, and Grapefruit.

Diminishes hot flashes, pain, irritation, emotional and mental irritations due to hormonal imbalance.


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Additional information

10 ml roller bottle

For topical use and/or diffused into the air only. Use by rolling on the back of your neck and shoulders ,and/or on the bottom of your feet. Roll it directly over your abdomen to relieve hot flashes, menstrual pain, and/or irritation.

CAUTION: Never roll on abdomen if pregnant. I advise any lady who is pregnant and suffering with hormonal symptoms, to diffuse Hormonal Blend into the air daily, and/or roll onto the palms of the hands, rub together and merely cup your hands over your face and inhale deeply!


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Jan McCormick
Jan McCormick
It is a sole owner business that exudes caring for her customers and commitment to finding the right oil for whatever issues you may have.read more
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