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Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Egypt!

It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use the simple acronym, TYDRFHSGC! (Need to work on that…) Our region today is Egypt!   Funny story about Egypt… about a year ago, I was helping Joan at a farmers market when a woman approached me, obviously [...]

Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Egypt!2017-04-03T03:52:26+00:00

Peaceful Blend

Here is something that is absolutely unique to Jomac Oils, LLC – if you contact Joan about a specific issue you or a loved one is dealing with, she can design a blend that can help! That is how Peaceful Blend came to be! Not so long ago, the wife of a co-worker approached Joan [...]

Peaceful Blend2017-02-24T20:14:28+00:00

Real Food

Even with Valentine's Day over for another year, February is still a great time to discuss love, relationships and sugar. Each morning before the kids get up, Joan and I set aside time for coffee and Bible study. We both sit at the kitchen counter and if something pops up we want to discuss, we [...]

Real Food2017-02-22T15:40:26+00:00

Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Madagascar!

It’s time again for our monthly segment – Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Or, use the simple acronym, TYDRFHSGC! (Need to work on that…) Our region today is Madagascar! I didn’t choose this country simply because I love the Disney films – but, I really do! - one of the key [...]

Things You Don’t Remember from High School Geography Class! Madagascar!2017-02-18T17:50:30+00:00

Post-Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is not a big day for us. Joan is very clear about what she wants on this day – chocolate. Lots of chocolate! And, I accommodate that request, not just because I love her, but because I benefit from having chocolate in the house, too! But, what I despise are the Valentine’s Day [...]

Post-Valentine’s Day2017-02-15T13:59:34+00:00

January Geography!

Anyone that has ever helped their child with homework knows the pang of wanting to retake certain subjects in school. Last week, as I was assisting our daughter with information on the Revolutionary War, I thought to myself, “I should get a book on this! This is really interesting!” (Side note – Did you know [...]

January Geography!2017-01-31T14:51:38+00:00

Peppermint toothpaste

Have you ever heard or seen such a great idea that you’re driven to share it? I see self-help feeds and tips on my Facebook all the time, but this one jumped out at me  - How to Hang a Picture Using a Fork - because I know whenever I attempt to hang a photo [...]

Peppermint toothpaste2017-01-21T16:22:25+00:00

The Story of Peppermint

Let me begin with the disclaimer that while I don’t believe in the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans, I love the stories! As I was studying the history of peppermint I came across this little gem, one I had never heard or read. Apparently, before she became a delicious hard candy proudly displayed [...]

The Story of Peppermint2017-01-19T03:32:19+00:00

Peppermint could have saved me!

You’ve all heard the saying, “The plumber’s sinks always leak.” No? How about, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Haven’t heard that one either? This is becoming difficult! One final try – “The essential oil lady’s husband didn’t use the oils.” That one is popular! And, sadly for me, too often true. Fortunately, I have [...]

Peppermint could have saved me!2017-01-19T03:33:16+00:00

Santa swears by Lavender essential oil!

Susen Mesco, the director of the Professional Santa Claus School in Denver, has trained thousands of Santas to work in malls and at events. She had this to say about Santa encountering some type of drama over the holiday season, “Fight back by dabbing some lavender oil on your wrists – Mesco’s Santas do this [...]

Santa swears by Lavender essential oil!2016-12-27T21:24:55+00:00

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Jan McCormick
Jan McCormick
It is a sole owner business that exudes caring for her customers and commitment to finding the right oil for whatever issues you may have.
Marilyn Wallace
Marilyn Wallace
I had a full hysterectomy and April 2018. The hormone patches did not work meaning my body had a horrible reaction to them. I ordered hormone pellets witch took six weeks. I was given a bottle of hormone oil which saved my life, literally. It also saved my family’s life. I definitely recommend these natural oils. Great product.
Avi Tubul
Avi Tubul
Quality oils Love this company.
June Becker
June Becker
Taylor Donovan
Taylor Donovan
Mali Pholphiboun
Mali Pholphiboun
Jeremy Amorossi
Jeremy Amorossi
My lavender oil I got from here is just fantastic! Thank you
Karen L Yant
Karen L Yant
Joan's blends are amazing! I use the Soothing Relief blend for my nerve & back pain and it helps significantly. The quantity is generous for the price. These oils are pure, like liquid gold!
James Tilley
James Tilley
Chris Gustafson
Chris Gustafson


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